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Body Piercing

If you are planning to have your very first body modification, check out what our professional tattoo and body piercing shop offers. We have the skills needed to provide you with the care you need in body moding.

At Black Rose Tattoo Lounge, we don’t just do tattoos, we also perform piercings and sell body jewelry that is sure to satisfy you. Whether you want a cool industrial ear piercing or an elegant belly button piercing, a tattoo specialist at our shop would be happy to help you get this done.

Body Piercing

Our equipment and facility is clean and well maintained, which is why you can be sure that the services we offer are safe and hygienic. After your piercing procedure, we will advise you in proper piercing aftercare to make sure your new piercing stays clean and protected from any potential infections.

Call to make an appointment and visit our tattoo parlor in San Diego, CA. We will take care in providing you with high quality body art and modifications. At Black Rose Tattoo Lounge we are dedicated to excellent and professional service.